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Please enter your details below to apply for an audition.

Due to the high demand from musicians eager to join our community we have updated our audition process. Please read below for more information on this.

Hello Musician
Thank you very much for contacting Sunday SouLounge and for expressing a desire to join us.
We are on a continuous search for the best musicians to join our community and as such we arrange regular audition days when musicians can demonstrate their abilities in a live environment.
At this stage we want to make clear that if we do invite you to an audition for Sunday SouLounge, this in no way implies that we are offering you a slot on our roster.

There are many things that YOU must consider before coming to one of our auditions.
Do you fit into our company strapline of “Where The Music Can Never Be Questioned”?
Do you fit into a group of people that live their life and work with a positive attitude? All day, everyday!
Positivity and teamwork is the absolute essence of Sunday SouLounge!

If the above does not describe you, then Sunday SouLounge is not the agency you are looking for. Furthermore, there is many things that WE must consider before offering you a very profitable place on our team.

Is there enough work to warrant bringing someone else into our company, which could potentially take work away from a musician that is already with us?
Are you the same quality or better than we already have?
Will you abide by the contracts we set?
Will you answer email job offers in a timely fashion?
Will you turn up on time for your shows and always do the show to the best of your ability? No matter the circumstances?

As you can see, these questions are just the tip of the iceberg when we are deciding to add another musician into our community.

We do not do it lightly, and we want to make it clear that when you embark on the process of trying to join us, the process can sometimes take a number of weeks. We might even need to see you twice/three times before making a final decision. If we do decide that we need to see you again, then we will endeavour to come and see you at a gig you already have in the diary, we will only ask you to come to a free audition once.

If after reading the above, you still would like to attend one of our auditions then please let us know by clicking the button below..

After we have received your confirmation, we will be in contact as soon as we have a slot to offer you.

Once again, thanks for getting in contact and we look forward to getting to know you in the future.
Warm Regards
Sunday SouLounge